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Judy Bluhm

Do you want to live forever? Nope, I didn’t think so. Me either. Although prolonging (a quality) life sounds pretty good. Then there are those among us, who are determined to “stay young, healthy and outsmart death.” Yes, many of the world’s wealthiest tech executives are working on projects to expand the human lifespan. As one tech giant said, “Why should our brilliance succumb to something as mundane as dying.” Delusion or innovation?

My mother decided that she wanted to live to be one hundred. She came close and passed away at age ninety-seven. She was healthy for most of her life and her mind was sharp. When her body started failing at age 96, she announced, “I am ready to go.” My daughter, Tammy, pointed out to her that she promised to be around till she was 100 years old. Upon which my mother replied, “Honey, I have changed my mind.” And so she did. Do not try to talk someone into living longer when it is “past their time.”

Perhaps the biggest “youth chaser” is biotech CEO Bryon Johnson. He is 45 years old, has the heart of a 37-year-old, and a goal of “reversing aging” so he can be perpetually eighteen. He is under the care of a “rejuvenation doctor” and a team of thirty specialists, who have set up a regime for Johnson which includes a vegan diet and over 100 supplements daily. Johnson has colonoscopies, blood tests and MRIs each month (ugh) and engages in three strenuous workouts a week, plus daily exercise. Right now, his doctor claims Johnson is “reversing” the aging process. Price tag for all this? Two million bucks a year.

Does money make folks think they can do anything? Well, tech billionaire Peter Thiel, states that, “There are people claiming that death is natural and an inevitable part of life, but I think nothing could be further from the truth.” Yikes, Mr. Thiel, I’d say there is empirical evidence that we are all going to die. Come on, just because we find it rather unpleasant, we cannot necessarily make reality “go away.”

Reversing the aging process sounds like a winner. Humans have already been doing this. We exercise, eat healthily, take our vitamins, get our medical check-ups, and might even get a few nips, tucks, or fillers. People want to look good, feel well, stay active, have fun, and enjoy life. The way average folks look now at age 60 is testimony to how much we have “reversed” aging.

My grandmother wore black old lady shoes, pinned her hair in a bun, often donned a hairnet and wore housedresses. When she the “elderly” age of 70, she did not resemble most 70 year olds today! Maybe that’s why we like to say that sixty is the new thirty. Well, look at us. We dress and act young!

So go at it, tech billionaires, and all your cronies trying to hack longevity and find a way to live forever. We, the aging public, will wait patiently for your innovations to help us find the “fountain of youth.” Millions or billions of dollars, hopefully won’t be required.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Contact Judy at [email protected] or visit

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