He Rides!

He Rides!

Around the Bluhmin’ Town


Judy Bluhm


Twas the day before Christmas at the North Pole

Where elves worked frantically towards the big goal

Of wrapping the gifts and packing the sleigh,

Then giving reindeers thick bales of hay.

Santa was resting and took a quick nap

While Mrs. Clause stitched up the seams of his cap.

She was worried about Santa as he seemed to be sad,

His jovial mood had somehow turned bad.

When Santa awoke he caused a great fright

Because he muttered the words, “No Christmas tonight!”

Mrs. Clause gasped in horror at what he had said.

“What,” she cried, “is inside your head?”

“Let’s put off this Christmas,” Santa said with a sigh.

“It doesn’t really matter; it’s all a big lie.

There are some kids still hungry, in lands with no peace.

What good is a doll if guns never cease?”

“My toys and the trinkets all matter for not,

If children are suffering, even one tot.”

He sat at the window, looking out at the elves

Who were loading the sleigh and clearing the shelves.

“What Christmas needs is more love and less pain,

Not a bunch of new toys,” he said in disdain.

Mrs. Clause started weeping and turned on the light

Because daytime was fading and soon would come night.

“Christmas cancelled,” she cried as she went to make tea.

“Christmas not happening? This just cannot be!”

And then with a flash of shimmering light,

An angel appeared to set all things right.

With wings tinged with gold and white flaxen hair

All Santa could do was sit down and stare.

“Santa your heart and intentions are big like the sky,

But never think Christmas is all a big lie.

Gifts don’t stop wars, but love still brings joy.

And that is your message, not just the toy.”

“We celebrate Christ on this special night,

So we need you Dear Santa, to help us shed light,

On the meaning of Christmas, the truth of this day,

So get on your sled and be on your way.”

And then with a flash, the angel was gone

Leaving Santa to realize his thoughts had been wrong.

So into the night at the helm of his sleigh,

Santa had few words, except this to say,

“The world is not perfect, except for today.”

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Contact Judy at [email protected] or visit www.aroundthebluhmintown.com.

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