The Fool Moon

The Fool Moon

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Judy Bluhm

Did you enjoy the Harvest Moon?” It signifies the beginning of autumn. Yet, for some folks, a perfectly round moon can make them feel like a lunatic. No, excuse me, Dear Readers, I meant to say “lunar-tic.” You know, the old “full moon saga” that seems to cause those strange “lunar effects.” Rumor, myth, legend, folklore and even some factual evidence seem to support the idea that every 29.5 days when a big silver ball shines brightly in the sky, peculiar things happen. 

A man emailed me to say that his wife cooks better when there is a full moon. No clear evidence suggests that the moon cycle improves culinary skills. However, a band of Aborigines in Australia have claimed that their entire clan becomes “ravishingly hungry” during the full moon. Perhaps the gentleman has an increased appetite once a month and it is causing him to think that his wife’s dinners are delicious. More research is required on this little morsel.

Did you know that there are more reported animal bites during a full moon than any other time of the month? This possibly means that people aren’t the only ones feeling the “lunar effects.” Dogs, horses, wolves, coyotes, cats . . . all critters seem to be a little more active and edgy when the full moon rolls around. One woman told me her eight-pound chihuahua acts like a wolf during a full moon and howls, scaring the entire neighborhood.

Nurses and doctors claim that there are more “weird” emergency room visits during a full moon. There have been claims of bizarre behaviors, mental breakdowns, crimes, homicides and suicides committed during a full moon. Pregnant women often believe they will deliver their babies during the full moon, and some fertility experts consider it “good luck” if a woman is ovulating when the moon is completely round. 

Most scientists believe that there is not enough documented data to support all of this “lunar” madness. Yet, once a month, if you look into the sky and see a circle of light, beware, we may all be tilting in a slightly different direction. Mood swings, tempers flaring, UFO viewings, babies being born, animal bites, mental breakdowns, coyotes (or a chihuahua) howling seems to happen every 29.5 days.

 Oh, and let’s not forget that people say they feel more romantic during the full moon. Flower sales increase once a month to prove it. Some guy (nut) in California is suing his wife because he says she makes him drink a “love formula” during every full moon. He told the judge that he should have divorced his “mean wife” years ago but stays because of the “full moon potion.” His wife claims the “formula” is simply red wine. 

 Want to improve your cooking skills? Throw out the cookbooks. Just wait until the moon is perfectly round. Want to fall in love or remain in love? Try the “formula” of red wine. Enjoy once monthly “lunar effects” and have a great time. Lunatics or “Lunar-tics”? Blame it all on the fool moon. Till next time . . . enjoy the weird.

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