Maybe We Have Seen Too Much

Maybe We Have Seen Too Much

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Judy Bluhm

When did humans become so self-absorbed? The craze to take selfies, especially in dangerous places like ledges of cliffs, edges of waterfalls, and with wild animals at National Parks is killing people! National Park Rangers are becoming more alarmed when they spot folks (stupidly) taking selfies with black bears or bison. Geez, if you see a big bear, do not stop and snap a selfie with it! It might eat you!

I took a selfie. It didn’t turn out very well, because I have decided that most photos of scenery, people or grandkids seem to look better if I am not in them. But while holding a carrot, I snapped a picture of me and my friend’s horse, Billy. I think to complete the “selfie trend” I was supposed to post it on Facebook, but didn’t because Billie looked very handsome and me not-so-much.

Distraction and danger are lurking because of our attachment to our devices. Distraction due to texting seems to be one of the biggest causes of pedestrian and car accidents in America. One lady was so angry because she walked (while busy texting) right into a fountain at an outdoor mall, that she filed a lawsuit against the shopping center. She claimed that the fountain was an “unnecessary danger that serves no purpose except to create a hazardous situation.” Hey lady, I don’t want to be mean, but pay attention to where you are going!

Even the most mundane tasks are being photographed. I thought the selfie taken by the woman who was bending over a hot, open oven to show herself pulling out a roasting pan with a huge turkey she was roasting was funny. Wait, did her hair just catch on fire? Hairspray and a hot gas stove are evidently combustible situations. Yikes, put down your phone and get your fire extinguisher!

Then there was the lady who took a selfie while bending over her KitchenAid Mixer. Guess she was trying to prove that she was really making a cake when the tips of her hair got caught in the bowl and tangled up in the blades. Not the video she was hoping for, as it became the “screaming woman video” that was taken by her husband as he cut off her hair. Oh yeah, taking pictures while baking, cooking, walking, hiking or driving cannot end well! We are harming ourselves so we can post something on social media!

When I asked one of my grandsons what is the “big deal” about selfies, he replied that it makes a photo more “authentic” by proving you were actually “there.” Like with the bear, on the cliff or in the oven? So, to be “totally authentic” I did take a selfie, riding my horse while he galloped away from a buffalo jumping off a cliff. Not sure why the editor of this fine paper didn’t print it. Authenticity might be overrated. Dear Readers, if “seeing is believing,” maybe we have seen too much.

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